2020 Update

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Swimming is back. Swimathon is back.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Swimathon 2020 was originally postponed from 27-29 March to 16-18 October 2020. Given that there will be social distancing rules and new operating procedures in place within leisure centres, we’ve now decided that the postponed Swimathon event is coming to you as a brand-new virtual event! Everyone’s existing entry and all future 2020 entries will be switched to a MySwimathon entry.

Traditionally, our Open Water Swimathon takes place on the second weekend in September. However, this year – for the very first time ever, we are thrilled to announce a joint campaign with the usual, pool-based version. That’s right, Open Water Swimathon 2020 will be part of our full switchover to a virtual, MySwimathon event offering too. So, if you’d like to complete your swim at an open water venue, then you absolutely can. What’s more, you can choose to swim one of our set challenges or select your own distance. You can complete your swim in one go or do it over multiple sessions. It’s your challenge, your way.

You can take on your MySwimathon challenge from today until Saturday 31 October, at a location and time that suits you. Do it in one go or spread your challenge over multiple sessions, you can do it at your local pool or in an open water venue.

With thousands of pools reopening across the UK at differing times, please view your chosen venues’ new operating systems prior to your swim. You will need to book your swim and read through any precautionary guidance before taking on your challenge through your venue’s website/app offering. If you have any questions, please contact your chosen venue directly. You can consult our Swimming Guidance page too.


Updates on your swim caps and medals

Swimmers signed up before 27 March 2020

The postponement of our event back in March came tantalisingly close to our planned Swimathon event weekend. Therefore, a significant number of our medals and caps were sent out to over 600 venues nationwide. The campaign is owned by The Swimathon Foundation, a charitable organisation, and therefore the financial implications to either retrieve or produce new swimming caps and medals is simply beyond us. We consequently need support from you, the community of swimmers that we have developed and nurtured over our 34-year history. Our goal is for anyone who signed up to a Swimathon challenge at an organised Swimathon session, to collect their medal from the venue you initially registered at for the Swimathon event weekend back in March. With venues opening at different times over the coming weeks, or some sadly not opening at all, we will be working with our partner venues to confirm whether they are able to host a Swimathon collection point at their centres between now and the end of August. We will then confirm with you, our swimmers, soon after with confirmation of how you will receive/collect your cap and medal. If you signed up to a MySwimathon challenge you should have already received your swimming cap and your medal will be posted to you when you upload your result on your swimmer profile area. 

New swimmers registered after 28 July 2020

We can’t wait to welcome you to our Swimathon community and celebrate the nation’s return to swimming with you. We have a limited number of swimming caps and medals available so sign up now and secure yours. Entries will close once these are gone! We will be sending your swimming caps by post upon entry, and your medal after you have uploaded your result onto your swimmer log in area. Please bear with us, as we will be sending medals out in batches every couple of weeks.

Read our MySwimathon manifesto and get inspired to join us as we celebrate the best of British spirit and head back to the water, together!

MySwimathon 2020 Manifesto

Swimming is back. Swimathon is back. 

And it's time for you to get back in the water!  Join us and be part of our community as  you take  on your personal challenge  for Swimathon 2020. 

We'll be doing it all to raise money for Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK, who need  your support now more than ever. 

From today until 31 October, take on  your own swimming challenge at a time  and  venue of your choosing. Do it in one go or spread it across multiple sessions. Swimming  may look a bit different for a while, but this is still your challenge, your way. 

It's time for everyone to celebrate the water again. Whether you’re getting back to  your  local  pool or taking on the open water, there is a swim for all with  Swimathon  2020.