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By taking on your personal,  MySwimathon  challenge, you will have the option to complete your swim, your way,  from today until Saturday 31 October 2020. This gives you the opportunity to slowly re-build your swimming fitness, prior to taking on your challenge. It will allow time for your local swimming pool to open up too, if it hasn’t been able to yet. In a nutshell, the  MySwimathon  rules are: 

  1. You can swim one of the set challenges (Individual 400m, Individual 1.5k, Individual 2.5k, Individual 5k, Team 1.5k, Team 5k) or choose your own distance.
  2. You can complete your swim in on go or spread it across multiple sessions from today until Saturday 31 October 2020.  We know that lane swimming times at your pool may be restricted.
  3. MySwimathon  is NOT part of an organised  Swimathon  event, you will need to count your own lengths or use a fitness watch tracker if you have one.  Please ensure that it is waterproof!
  4. You can complete your  MySwimathon  challenge in any venue of your choice, in a pool or in the open water at a time that suits you. Please note, you will have to pay your venue’s normal entry fee (as well as the  Swimathon  registration fee). This is all part of helping to save the UK’s swimming facilities.
  5. Please book all your swims with the venue, whether you are training or completing your challenge and read and understand any safety guidance your venue has implemented before you go.
  6. Submit your final time within your swimmer login area after your challenge and then you can download your certificate. If you are an original MySwimathon participant or a new swimmer, we’ll then send you your well-deserved medal to you in the post.
  7. If you have entered as a  MySwimathon  team, please combine your total time and only submit your overall team time.