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Our official charity partners for Swimathon 2020 are Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, this 2-year partnership has raised more than £4.3 million towards their incredible work. This year, we’re hoping to raise even more.  

Cancer Research UK

At Cancer Research UK, we want to bring forward the day that all cancers are cured. We are the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research and we’re the only charity fighting over 200 different types of cancer; at both a national and regional level, from the most common cancers; such as breast and lung, to rarer types; like pancreatic and children’s cancers.

 Our supporters help fund the 4,000 doctors, nurses and research scientists across the UK that develop pioneering new ways to diagnose, treat and cure cancer. Through events like Swimathon, we are able to fundraise for research into cancer which makes us the single largest funder of cancer research in the UK.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie provides expert care, guidance and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. Around 2,100 Marie Curie Nurses work day and night, in people’s homes all over the UK, providing hands-on care and emotional support. 

Our nine hospices provide round-the-clock, specialist care for people in their local communities. And we offer practical information and emotional support to everyone affected by terminal illness, including family and friends.  



The money you raise from your Swimathon challenge will make a huge difference to both charities; here’s how your money can help: 

Cancer Research UKMarie Curie
£30 will cover the cost of running a cervical cancer trial for 1 day, helping us continue to our life-saving research.

£20 pays for a Marie Curie Nurse to look after someone with a terminal illness for one hour, in the comfort of their own home

£50 buys a scientific sieve to separate out big bits and small bits of DNA to reveal vital clues about how to beat cancer.£70 pays for someone with a terminal illness to attend day therapy at a Marie Curie Hospice
£100 covers the cost of giving one patient the Cytosponge test and analysing their results in the lab to diagnose early stages of oesophageal cancer.

£180 pays for a Marie Curie Nurse’s nine-hour shift in a patient’s home through the night.

£270 covers the cost of a trial for a day to find the best treatment for children with a rare type of leukaemia, whose cancer has come back after treatment. 
£260 will cover the cost of two day-therapy sessions for a patient at a Marie Curie Hospice.