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Swimathon 2020 Rules

Individual Distance Challenge Rules

  1. Please arrive at the pool 30 minutes before your session is due to start so that a lane can be allocated to you. Your Swimathon session start time will be highlighted on your confirmation email and in your swimmer log in area.
  2. You will be given a Swimathon swim cap upon arrival to the pool. Please wear this in the pool for participant identification on the day. Use of personal swim caps is only allowed upon consent from the pool in which you are undertaking your challenge.
  3. In the interest of safety, diving is not permitted.
  4. You may alternate strokes if you wish. Backstroke is not recommended.
  5. It is important to observe lane etiquette and avoid congestion in the pool. If the swimmer behind you touches your feet, it is a signal for you to allow them to pass at the end of the next length.
  6. Only overtake when it is safe to do so. Swimathon recommends overtaking at the end of each length.
  7. You are only able to enter and exit the pool once during your challenge. One toilet break is allowed, but the stopwatch will not be paused if this happens.
  8. The use of any equipment, such as buoyancy aids, fins or paddles that will assist you with your swim, are not permitted.

Team Distance Challenge Rules

  1. All team members must be registered prior to 25th March 2020. All team members will receive an email notifying you that you have been added as a team member by your captain to complete your registration. Registering the team captain only is NOT sufficient.
  2. Teams must consist of 2-5 swimmers.
  3. Your team members must have the same colour swim cap, these will be provided to you by the Swimathon Director on the day.
  4. The challenge is performed in relay format in one lane. Only one team member should swim at a time.
  5. Team members are only able to enter the pool once and exit the pool once during their swim. One toilet break is allowed, but the stopwatch will not be paused if this happens.
  6. Each team member can swim differing distances to add up to the challenge total (either Team 1.5k or Team 5k), as long as each team member enters the pool only once. Once one team member has finished their distance, another team member is allowed to enter the pool to continue the challenge (relay format).

MySwimathon Rules

  1. You can swim one of the set challenges (Individual 400m, Individual 1.5k, Individual 2.5k, Individual 5k, Triple 5k, Team 1.5k or Team 5k) or you can set a distance of your own.
  2. You can complete MySwimathon in any pool of your choice, not during part of an organised Swimathon session. You will need to pay the venue their general admission fee to take on your Swimathon challenge.
  3. You must complete your swim in one session, between Friday March 20 – Sunday April 5, 2020.
  4. Please wear your Swimathon swim cap, which will be sent to you by post in March.
  5. Submit your final time within your swimmer login area at after completing your challenge.