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What challenges are available?

Swimathon is designed to suit all levels of fitness, ability and age. This is your swim – from 400m to 5k, there is a Swimathon challenge for you! Select from the below to see a full list of available distances:



Triple 5k Challenge

How much does it cost to register?

Entry Type*StandardConcession**
Individual 400m, 1.5k, 2.5k & 5k£14.00£10.50
Team 1.5k &5k£28.00£21.00
Triple 5k£28.00***£21.00

* Applies to Distance Challenges and MySwimathon
** Denotes concessionary price for unemployed, under 16s, disabled, full-time students and senior citizens aged 60 years and above. For team concessions, the majority (over half) must fall into one of these categories to qualify for the concessionary price. Teams are not separated into age specific categories. Please note: Concession prices will not apply during the 50% discount period
*** 3 entries for the price of 2

What is the equivalent of my challenge in pool lengths?


How do I know what speed to register myself/team under?

Here's a rough guide to help when entering your Swimathon speed...

400m30mins+20minssub 10mins
1.5k1.5hrs+1hrsub 20mins
2.5k2hrs+1.5hrssub 1hrs
5k2.5hrs+2hrssub 1.5hrs

Where is Swimathon held?

Swimathon is held in 600 pools across the UK. Find the venue closest to you by entering your postcode or have a look at the venue map.

How long will I have to complete my swim?

Individual swimmers and teams will have 3 hours to complete their Swimathon challenge no matter which distance they have signed up for. If you have any queries around completing your swim in under 3 hours please liaise with the pool directly. 

How many people can make up a team?

Teams can be made up of 2-5 people.

How do I register my team?

The team manager must create the team. Once the team is registered and paid for by the manager, they can then invite team members through their participant dashboard.

What are the rules?

Click here to view the Swimathon rules.

Can I get any training advice?

It is very important to train before taking part in any sporting event. Visit the training zone for training tips from Duncan Goodhew and Jolyon Finck. The 10 week and 5 week training plans will be available very soon!

Is there an age limit?

Swimathon welcomes all ages and abilities.* It doesn’t matter if you can swim one length or two hundred, Swimathon has the challenge for you! 
* Under 16s must be entered and accompanied by an adult. 
** Under 8s are not able to take part in Swimathon at the London Aquatics Centre. 

Will I receive a medal?

All swimmers will receive a medal for completing their challenge. Those taking part in an organised Swimathon session will receive their medal immediately after their swim. Those taking part in MySwimathon will be sent a medal via post after uploading their challenge time online. Please note, 5k medals will only be given to those who complete the individual 5k challenge.

If you are taking part in the Triple 5k challenge you’ll receive our exclusive Triple 5k medal. You’ll receive a medal after each swim which join together to make an exclusive Triple 5k medal! 

Will I receive a certificate?

All swimmers will be able to download their personal certificates from their Swimmer Login Area after the event. 

If I do not want to swim, can I still get involved?

The great thing about Swimathon is that you don't even have to get wet to get involved! Many pools require volunteers to log laps, record times, support and encourage their swimmers. Click here to fill out a volunteer form.

How do I register?

You can now register for Swimathon 2020! Click here to sign up.

When does registration close?

Swimmer registration for Swimathon 2020 closes on Monday 23rd March at 11:59pm. 

Which credit/debit cards do you accept?

Swimathon accepts Mastercard, Maestro/Switch, Visa and Visa Debit. 

Is there an alternative to competing over the Swimathon weekend?

You can still take on one of the specified distances with MySwimathon! MySwimathon allows you to swim one of the set distances at any location of your choice between Friday, 20 March – Sunday, 5 April, 2020*. Enter MySwimathon here

* Please note if you enter under MySwimathon the leisure centre you wish to swim at may charge you to enter the pool.

I'd like to swim more than once over different days...

You are more than welcome to swim in as many organised Swimathon sessions as you wish over the event weekend. For each swim you wish to do, you will need to create a new registration, paying the entry fee for each place. We then suggest that you only use one of your fundraising pages when sending your link out for sponsorship. You can mention in your 'personal message' that you are taking on more than one challenge. 

I can no longer take part in the event. Will I get my money back?

As per our Terms and Conditions, the entry fee for Swimathon 2020 is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Can I change from an individual to a team registration and vice versa?

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, if you have registered as an individual entry, it is not possible to change this to a team entry. You will need to re-register as a team and contact Swimathon to cancel your individual entry. If you have registered as a team entry, it is not possible to change this to an individual entry. You will need to re-register as an individual and contact the Swimathon team to cancel your team entry. A refund will not be given for your first entry. 

Where does the money go?

Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie will receive at least 70% of the total funds raised by Swimathon. The Swimathon Foundation will receive the balance of the funds raised by the Swimathon participants which it uses to fund its operating expenses as the owner of the Swimathon Event and to offer Swimathon Foundation Community Grants to promote swimming participation in communities around Swimathon hosted pools. 

Are there any fundraising rewards?

Yes! Fundraise £300+ through your JustGiving page for an exclusive Swimathon 2020 towel! * 

Team fundraising is based on raising an average of £300+ per team member to receive your exclusive Swimathon towels. Terms and conditions apply

* Fundraising for Swimathon 2020 closes on Thursday, April 30, 2020. Please note that only online fundraising is counted towards your qualification for a fundraising reward. Offline fundraising sent to our PO BOX will not be considered for incentive rewards.

If I qualify for a reward, when will I receive it?

Towels will be sent out fortnightly from January onwards once you fundraise £300. Please note that the fundraising deadline is Saturday, 30th April 2020. 

Please see terms and conditions for full details of fundraising rewards. 

How can I check if I have set up my Swimathon JustGiving page?

You can check if your JustGiving page has been set up through your swimmer profile area. Follow the below steps to check yours. 

  1. Log in to your profile through 
  2. Click on 'Manage My Challenge' in your Swimathon profile area at 
  3. Select 'Fundraising' on the menu on the left-hand side. 
  4. If you have set up a JustGiving page you will be given the option to ‘View Fundraising Page’. If you have not, select ‘Create Fundraising Page’ and follow the steps. 

How do I share my JustGiving page with my friends, family and colleagues?

To find your Swimathon JustGiving page go to the fundraising section of your swimmer login area. You can find this on the left-hand menu once you’ve clicked ‘Manage My Challenge’. Click ‘View Fundraising Page’ at the bottom of the page to go to your JustGiving page. Share the URL with your friends and family by simply copying and pasting the URL to email and social media to get donations and raise money for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. 

Is my donation for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie when I register added to my JustGiving page?

The donation for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie you can make before the payment page of your registration will not be added to your JustGiving page when you have set it up. 

If you wish for the donation to count towards your fundraising rewards, please set up your JustGiving page first and donate the amount directly on that. 

How can we link our team’s JustGiving pages together?

To create a team page, your team captain should login to their swimmer profile area here. Within the ‘Fundraising’ menu they can select to create a team JustGiving page by linking all team members pages. Please note donations must still be made on each team members JustGiving page and not on the team’s page. 

Can I fundraise for any charity?

The official charity partners of Swimathon 2020 are Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. Participants of the event should fundraise for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie only. 

Where can I find the offline fundraising sponsorship form?

If you are taking part in Swimathon and want to collect money in person, just click here to download your sponsorship form.* 

Don’t forget that you can pay in any cash you have collected into your JustGiving Page when they are up and running using a credit or debit card. 

*Please note that only online fundraising through a Swimathon JustGiving page is counted towards your qualification for a fundraising reward. 

Where shall I send my offline fundraising?

Cheques will need to be made payable to either Cancer Research UK or Marie Curie and sent to one of the below addresses:
Swimathon Team
Cancer Research UK
PO Box 1561
Swimathon Team
Marie Curie
PO BOX 23897
14 Links Place

There will also be the option to pay in offline income at your local Marie Curie charity shop.

All offline income paid in either charity will go towards the total income raised and split as follows:

Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie will receive at least 70% of the total funds raised by Swimathon. The Swimathon Foundation will receive the balance of the funds raised by the Swimathon participants which it uses to fund its operating expenses as the owner of the Swimathon Event and to offer swimathon Foundation Community Grants to promote swimming participation in communities aroung Swimathon hosted pools.

If I want to change my challenge distance, how can I do that?

This year we have made it easier than ever for you! You can simply log in to your Swimathon profile to change your challenge distance.

Is there an exclusive Swimathon 2020 t-shirt?

For the first time this year, you can purchase your exclusive Swimathon 2020 t-shirt prior to the event.

The exclusive Swimathon 2020 t-shirt costs £20.00 including VAT and postage. £10.00 of the purchase price will go to Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie and The Swimathon Foundation. Please note this will not be included in your fundraising total on your Swimathon JustGiving page. Terms and conditions apply.

How can I link my JustGiving page to my Swimathon account?

If you didn’t set up your JustGiving page when you registered but created one later on, you will be able to link it to your Swimathon account by logging in to your swimmer profile area. You will need to click on ‘Manage my Challenge,’ select ‘Fundraising’ on the menu on the left-hand side and just follow the instructions to link your pages together.